OLLI AV Update, Early Fall, 2009

An exterior volume control has been added to the TA1 AV cabinet as an experiment. At a meeting of classroom instructors, sponsored by the Program Committee, comment was made that it would be desirable for class liaisons to be able to adjust the volume of the PA sound, in lieu of getting a staff member, or in the event there was no member of the AV Support Committee in the class.

A ten step volume control was placed on the cabinet's right hand side. Should adjustments be necessary to PA sound, this control should be manipulated first. [For this control to function properly, the mic input volume controls on the Bogen C20 amplifier need to be set higher than has traditionally been the case, so there is a reasonable range of operation for the exterior control.]

The images below depict the control on the side of the cabinet. Turning the knob counter-clockwise (towards the front of the room) reduces the PA sound level; turning it clockwise (towards the back of the room) raises the volume.