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Details of Next Fairfax Meeting: July 17th, 2021 3rd Saturday - 1 PM,
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Getting Started
On Your Family History

Presented by
Amy Breedlove

Family Tree

VA State Parks
Virginia State Parks
and Avenza Maps

Presented by John Krout

John Krout

Learn in 30 -
Won't you Volunteer To Present ??

Contact director2 (at) patacs.org
to arrange a presentation !!
30 Minute Sessions Especially Needed

Future Meeting Topics:

Volunteers Needed for Learn In 30 and Long Form Programs
Contact: director2 (at) patacs.org

August 21st - Learn in 30: Lorrin Garson - Overview of Apple Computers for Windows Users

September 18th - John Krout: Panoramic Images / Focus Stacking

October 16th - Learn in 30: Lorrin Garson - Life Expectancy of Mac Computers

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