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Most Recent Cake (now Cupcake) Celebration! At the Wed Sep 13, 2023, Forum meeting in Tallwood TA-1.

Cupcakes! On Sep 13, 2023, we toasted the DOW reaching 34,000

with a cupcake celebration (not sheet cake), courtesy of Paul Howard ( now Mr. Cupcake ?? ).

Most Recent Sheet Cake Celebration! At the Wed Jan 15, 2020, Forum meeting

Sheet Cake! On Jan 15, 2020, we toasted a strong year in the markets and exceeding DOW 27,000 and 28,000 milestones

with a sheet cake celebration, courtesy of Ed Swoboda ( Mr. Sheet Cake !! ).

This tradition ended with the Covid Pandemic when we no longer met in person, and then Ed stopped attending the Forum.

Information For New Members

The Investment Forum of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University is a regular gathering of members with an interest in personal investing. The group is led by a moderator. An attempt is made to strike a balance between informality and spontaneity while maintaining structure and focus throughout meetings. This activity has been in continuous existence since Sep 1995 and meets regularly throughout the year. The Forum meets as a class during the four-term OLLI calendar, and as a club session between terms when the OLLI office is open.

Discussions are open, and all members are encouraged to participate. The focus is on topics of particular interest to retirees, including individual stocks, various types of mutual funds, limited partnerships and various investment trusts. Questions are always welcome and an attempt is made to serve members with all levels of knowledge and experience. No prior qualifications are required. Members are strongly advised to do their own research before making any investment decision.

The forum provides an opportunity for members to freely share experiences and exchange information.

Standard Disclaimer
Nothing said at the forum ever constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell an investment, or is an endorsement of any investment by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

The OLLI Investment Forum web site was introduced to the members on Nov 28, 2006, by founding webmaster Paul Howard.

Jim Coile assumed responsibility for the site in Sep 2019.

This web site will only be successful with your suggestions and contributions! Please send them to the webmaster:

Email: Jim Coile, ctj444@icloud.com
Additional Email: forumweb@olligmu.org

Sweetening our retirement - one investment at a time!
Standard Disclaimer

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